Board Dog Approved I Charleston, SC

Board Dog Approved I Charleston, SC

Charleston, South Carolina is a city filled with history. Yet it continues to grow, attracting a wide variety of business, including some amazing craft beer breweries. The craft beer culture has seen an incredible boom in recent years, with new breweries springing up nearly every day.

With so many choices, and such a wide variety of Charleston breweries and beers to pick from in the area, which are the breweries that you need to be sure to check out?

5 Charleston Breweries You Shouldn't Miss

The craft beer scene has been expanding all over the country and Charleston, SC is no exception. Check out these 5 can't-miss Charleston breweries.

1. Edmund's Oast

Cameron Read has developed a great variety of crowd-pleasing beers at this popular South Carolina brewpub. From Viridi Rex, their tropical double IPA, to the PB&J, that tastes exactly as the name implies. Though they can't distribute their beers behind the breweries walls, they've still developed into a local hot spot.

There are plans in works for an offsite production brewery, though currently they can't produce enough beer to both service the restaurant and offer take-home growlers.

2. Freehouse Brewery

Freehouse Brewery is located on the banks of the Ashley River. They use organic ingredients to produce a variety of unique beers, including their Sourlina Peche, and the Ashley Farmhouse Ale.

3. Palmetto Brewing Company

Palmetto Brewing Company was the first South Carolina brewery to open for business following the end of prohibition. Established in 1933, they churned out beer for locals for nearly a decade and a half before another of brewery showed up on the scene.

They still offer their original styles of ales and lagers, while adding great new beers to their selection. Be sure to check out their beautiful wood-clad bar, and the outdoor deck where they regularly host concerts.

4. Revelry Brewing

This brewery is located in Charleston's downtown proper. Their impressive offering of beers includes the Furious Hops IPA and the Funkmaster Brett, and they've won four medals in the U.S. Beer Open Championships. Don't miss out on this South Carolina treasure located at 10 Conroy St.

5. Westbrook Brewing Company

Edward and Morgan opened this brewery at 510 Ridge Rd in Mr. Pleasant in 2010. Since then it has rapidly grown in popularity with the local craft beer crowd. They offer a selection of beers in 12oz cans, including the White Thai, a white ale with ginger and lemongrass, and their IPA.

Westbrook Brewing also offers special releases that are known to cause a crazed frenzy among beer snobs. Their beers are great for a day on the beach or for hanging out on the patio with friends.

An Embarrassment of Riches

Charleston breweries are some of the very best in the country. You could spend weeks hopping from brewpub to brewpub, and still have plenty of beer choices to explore. Charleston craft beer is second to none, with a style for every taste.

Talk to any local and you'll see how proud they are the craft breweries in Charleston. There's no reason to worry about picking a favorite, just try to narrow it down to your top 10!

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