The mission of our brand has been to create more than just products and apparel. Since day one we have striven to shape our brand around growing a community of people who enjoy sharing some of our same interests. The Lounge page is a dedicated section to the things we love.        

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The Board Dog Apparel brand was created to encompass adventure, togetherness, and the relaxation we all experience when we are at the beach, in the mountains, or on the water with family, friends, and our dogs. We enjoy life through our travels, seeing live music, enjoying great food, and visiting laid back (preferably dog-friendly) establishments. We do it all in an active yet relaxed manner. The coastline and mountains have a way of bringing out the relaxed authenticity within us and can be places of inspiration, so our brand likes to promote this way of life. We do so by encouraging others to be positively inspired, create their own motion, and adventure together whether it be with friends, family, or your dog!