Board Dog Approved I San Diego, CA

Board Dog Approved I San Diego, CA

San Diego isn't the first place you think of when you think about cities with world-class dining options. However, this is par for the course for San Diego, as it seems to be wildly underrated in almost every category.

But we're to set the record straight. Though the national spotlight shies away from them, there are so many incredible restaurants in San Diego.

Below, we've compiled got a list of our 5 favorites.

1. Campfire

The decor at Campfire can only be described as outdoorsy-chic - so much so that you'll think they've invented the term "glamping."

The food here is similarly outdoorsy, as all of their signature dishes are cooked over a large live fire. Every morsel of food around here is deliciously seared, smoked, or blistered. Their seafood options are particularly scrumptious; be sure to give them a taste.

2. The Smoking Goat

The Smoking Goat is a French-American bistro located in North Park that sports all of the usual fine French dining fare - lamb chops, steak frites, etc. Everything is expertly cooked and expertly placed on your plate at a relatively affordable price.

But what makes them really stand out is their incredible wine menu and happy hour food specials like their duck fat-cooked truffle fries.

3. Born & Raised

Every city needs a glitzy steakhouse, doesn't it? At Born & Raised, the luxurious decor will make you feel like you're dining with the Goodfellas. With a cavernous interior and a beautiful rooftop, there is much to explore with this restaurant.

Contrary to the decor, however, the menu is simple: aged-prime cuts cooked to order, in whatever way you choose.

4. Cloak & Petal

Cloak & Petal is a high-end Japanese small plates restaurant located, ironically, in the heart of Little Italy. The restaurant benefits from being so close to the sea by bringing in the freshest fish from the Pacific and serving them for your decadent pleasure.

The decor of the place is another experience unto its own, as the main bar in the restaurant is bookended by two live cherry blossom trees. The rest of the space is littered with eclectic art installations and graffiti.

5. Kettner Exchange

Also located in Little Italy, Kettner Exchange has become a San Diego staple. The rooftop restaurant serves "New American" food with a flavorful Asian flare. The fusion comes from executive chef Brian Redzikowski's experience working in high-end Japanese restaurants after training at the CIA (the Culinary Institute of America, that is).

On top of being a full-service restaurant, Kettner turns into a cocktails-only lounge after 10 P.M. They're signature cocktails are to die for.

Now That You've Heard About the Best Restaurants in San Diego...

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Just make sure to change back into more formal clothing when you visit one of these restaurants in San Diego.

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